Who owns Weatherguard?

In 2012 Werner Co. announced that it had acquired 100% of the ownership of Knaack LLC. The acquisition brought the industry leading KNAACK® and WEATHER GUARD® brands, which created a product portfolio that can collectively leverage the broader company networks in manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing. via

How do I install Weatherguard? (video)


How much is a weather guard?

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This item Weather Guard 300104901 Truck Tool Box Weather Guard 3001065301 Truck Tool Box
Price $61100 $76184
Shipping FREE Shipping. Details FREE Shipping. Details
Sold By Amazon.com Amazon.com
Item Dimensions 0 x 19.63 x 18.2 inches 0 x 19.63 x 16.2 inches


How do you remove a weather guard lock? (video)


Where is WEATHER GUARD made?

WEATHER GUARD products are manufactured in Crystal Lake, Illinois. For more information, visit www.weatherguard.com. WernerCo is a privately owned, fully-integrated, international manufacturer and distributor of access products, fall protection equipment, secure storage systems and light duty construction equipment. via

How do you open a weather guard tool box?

Turn the key clockwise to the un- locked position as indicated on the lock bezel. Button will pop out and is now ready to release the latches when pressed. The WEATHER GUARD® Latch System utilizes automotive grade latches in conjunction with high strength latch strikers to ensure maximum security. via

Are truck tool boxes universal?

Although not fully universal, a truck tool box should fit most trucks within its corresponding category. In contrast, models designed to fit full-size trucks are ideal on larger vehicles (e.g., F-150, F-250, Ram, Titan, and Tundra). via

How do you drill out a truck tool box lock? (video)


Are tool boxes easy to break into?

To be candid, the other locks on the market are the weakest part of the box susceptible to brute force break-ins. The locks are really designed to be a minor theft deterrent, not a high security solution. Breaking into toolboxes with these locks is as easy as popping rivets or using a crowbar to simply pop the lock. via

Where are UWS tool boxes made?

Both of these new products are, of course, made right here in the USA at our manufacturing facility in Perry, FL. To find a UWS dealer near you, click here. About UWS: UWS, a CURT Group brand, is a leading manufacturer and designer of USA-made storage carriers and truck accessories. via

Is Knaack Made in USA?

KNAACK products are designed and built to the highest standard. Well beyond traditional tool storage and security, KNAACK innovation takes jobsite protection to the next level. KNAACK products are manufactured in Crystal Lake, Illinois. via

Are Knaack job boxes waterproof?

A Power Pass® Electrical Pass-Thu grommet ensures weatherproof, convenient power cord access, and a powder coat guards against corrosion and damage. The gang box's caster-ready, 7-gauge steel skids accommodate optional casters. via

How do you attach a toolbox to truck bed? (video)


How do you secure a box to a truck bed?

Step 1: Measure the placement of the box carefully and drill four to six holes in the truck bed using a durable metal bit and a powerful drill. Step 2: Lower the tool box into place and line it up with the drilled holes. Step 3: Use J-hooks or a standard nut and bolt set to secure the truck tool box into place. via

How do you adjust the latch on a Weatherguard tool box? (video)


How do you open the toolbox on a Kobalt truck?

There are push button locks on each side of the box, so a user can access it from the driver's side or passenger's side of the truck. Just push the button and it will open up. via

What is a truck box?

Definition of truck box

: an open body on a motortruck. via

Do truck tool boxes leak?

Leaking locks in old toolboxes.

A combination of incorrect installation, bad design and natural wear and tear results in dripping water in these areas. Leaking locks all have one thing in common; as they get older the seals that are fitted to them will wear, and this can cause a leak. via

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