What does the term Jake Brake mean?

“Jake brakes” or “Jacob” brakes are colloquial names for a compression release brake. When a diesel engine slows down using its jake brakes, it opens the exhaust valves on top of the compression stroke. This would be similar to taking your foot off the gas so that gravity and other forces can slow your car down. via

Is Jake Brake necessary?

Most truckers agree that the Jake Brake shouldn't be used in a truck stop parking lot. It simply is not necessary. Additionally, be conscious of city rules and road signs. There are many communities that have laws against the use of Jake Brakes, due to the noise. via

When should you not use a Jake Brake?

The jake brake is not designed for use on ice and very slippery conditions. On dry roads, the engine brake can be used at virtually any time when the driver wishes to slow down the truck. via

Can you use Jake Brake in snow?

#1 - Don't use your truck's Jake Brake on slippery roads.

As you know, the use of your Jake Brake when roads are slippery due to rain, ice, and snow, can be very dangerous. If you are on a snowy or icy road, you must straighten out the entire truck before using the Jake Brake. via

How do you put a exhaust brake on a Cummins? (video)


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