Why does my car say check suspension?

The most common reason for the Check Air Suspension light is a faulty or non-functioning air compressor. When the air compressor doesn't work, the air springs don't fill and the light comes on. via

How much does it cost to replace a suspension coil?

According to our research, a front coil spring replacement cost in the UK ranges between £170 and £280. A rear coil spring replacement cost varies from £134 to £210. On average a front coil spring replacement cost works out at £225, and £180 for the rear coil springs. via

What is the meaning of air suspension?

Definition of air suspension

: a method of vehicle suspension that uses pressurized air instead of metal springs — compare air spring. via

What is the difference between air and air shocks?

Seems to me they do the same thing the same way. Air bags go between the frame and the spring pack increasing the load capacity. Air shocks aren't that strong and are just bolted to the same mounts as the original shocks. Models: All Wagons with Stock Height Springs - will NOT fit J-trucks. via

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