Can salt damage an engine?

Yes. Salt (or sugar) doesn't disolve in gasoline. Therefore it could get past the fuel filter and into the cylinders, thus scratching the cylinder walls and ruining the piston rings. In either case, the resulting damage would result in loss of power, and the need for a rebuild. via

What can you put in a gas tank to mess up a car?

If you are just mischievous and does not really want to destroy the engine, use sugar or any other sweet, sticky liquid. Sugar in a gas tank is an urban legend and it will clog up the fuel filter, just like other sticky sweet liquids such as honey, molasses, waffle syrup, pancake syrup, and similar things. via

What happens if someone puts salt in a gas tank?

Well-Known Member. The good news, salt is not soluble in gasoline so the salt will stay granular. The bad news, what got in the tank will stay in the tank. In all likelihood, the pick up filter for your pump will stop any that did make it into your tank and your fuel filter should catch any that makes it that far. via

How much bleach does it take to ruin a car?

There's no definitive answer to how much bleach would ruin an engine. While a few drops wouldn't do much, if someone added even a quart, you need to flush the system. Otherwise, you could end up with significant damages. So, the answer to how much bleach is too much is quite simple – any bleach is too much. via

Can you use apple cider vinegar to clean a gas tank? (video)

How do you secretly destroy a diesel engine?

What Can You Put In Fuel Tank To Destroy Someones Engine? It can easily clog up the fuel tank if you mix water, sugar, salt, a sticky, sweet liquid like honey, or more in the tank. To ruin the engine, you can also pour brake fluid, coke, urine, bleach, as well as hydrogen peroxide from the gas tank to spoil it. via

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