What does a wrench light on Ford Fusion mean?

The wrench warning light on Ford vehicles is the powertrain malfunction indicator light. When it illuminates, it means that the computer has detected an issue with your vehicle's powertrain or four-wheel-drive system. via

What does it mean when a wrench light comes on your dashboard?

What does the wrench light mean? Both of these symbols indicate that your car needs service. Usually, it's because of some sort of time-based milestone not being met, or there's a fault with the car that needs professional attention. via

What does powertrain system mean?

A powertrain is an assembly of every component that pushes your vehicle forward. Your car's powertrain creates power from the engine and delivers it to the wheels on the ground. The key components of a powertrain include an engine, transmission, driveshaft, axles, and differential. via

What does a wrench light mean on a Ford Edge?

The wrench light on your Ford Edge means that your car needs to be serviced. The wrench light won't tell you anything specific about what needs to be serviced, so you'll have to bring it in to be diagnosed and then repaired. via

At what percentage of oil life should I change it Ford?

' Around the 15% oil life threshold, the computer will remind you that an 'oil change is required', giving you ample time to plan ahead to have your vehicle serviced. It is important not to wait to have your vehicle serviced, especially once the indicator reads 0% oil life. via

What triggers change oil light?

When this light illuminates, it means that the oil pressure in your vehicle's engine has dropped, and you need to take action immediately. If you continue to drive with this light on, you may cause serious damage to your vehicle's engine. via

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