Will 37 inch tires fit 4 inch lift?

They should, if you truck was a 4X4 and you put a 4" lift on it then 37" tires will clear no problems. Yes its a 4x4. via

Can I fit 37s on a 3 inch lift?

Other than that, 3" is still tough to fit 37" tires under stock fenders, especially 13.5" wide. I'll let others chime in, but you may be fine. I think the road is where you'll want to stay though, no huge flexing off road. via

Will 37s fit on a 6 inch lift? (video)


What size tires can you fit with a 4 inch lift?

35" is the max tire the lift companies recommend with a 4" lift. A 10" wide wheel running a 37" tire needs a 6" lift kit to be smart about it. via

How big of a lift do I have?

To know what size lift kit you have, you need to see if you can find the brand name and serial number. If you can't, look up the vehicle's stock shock length and compare it to your current shocks. Remove the shocks for a more accurate measurement, or at least remove all cargo from the truck. via

How do you fit a 37s Jeep JK? (video)


What is a lift on a Jeep?

Basically, a lifted Jeep is a standard or custom Jeep vehicle (typically a variant of the Jeep Wrangler or Wrangler JK) that has its body and frame lifted further apart from each other. This, in turn, allows for larger wheels to be used, as well as giving you more clearance when off-roading. via

Can you fit 37s on a 4 inch lift F250?

Biggest Tires on Stock 2017 F250 4×4

The biggest tire you can fit on a 2019 F250 with no suspension upgrade or aftermarket rims are: 275/65/20 or 295 on an 18”. If you are prepared to fit a 2” lift you can comfortably get away with a 37”x12. via

Can you fit 37s on a 2.5 lift?

Yes.. with flat flares and light trimming. via

What size tires fit a 2 inch lift?

2 inches or less of suspension lift (2- or 4-door)

Fit 33-inch tall tires. via

Can I put 37 inch tires on stock Jeep rims?

Yes you can run a 12.5” wide tire on the stock rim. The height doesn't matter at all. Some 37's fit in the spare tire well. via

What are the biggest tires you can fit on a stock F-150?

So what are the biggest tires you can fit on a stock F150? The largest tires you can fit on a stock F150 without removing the crash bars are 33”- 34” without severe rubbing. Alternatively, you can fit 32” if your rims are 10” wide. via

Can you put 37s on TRX? (video)


How do you trim for 37s? (video)


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