Who makes the Mohave tire?

Mohave is Discount Tire exclusive brand, known for its affordable tires. But are they any good? This Mohave tires review has these answers and more. Mohave is one of the best tire brands for the budget tire shopper. via

What are CUV tires?

A CUV, or Crossover Utility Vehicle, is an increasingly common vehicle that blends a sedan's compact convenience with the roominess of an SUV. While SUVs are commonly built on a light truck's chassis, a CUV is built on the chassis of a car, making it a bit lighter. via

Who makes the arizonian tire?

Arizonian Tires is a private brand manufactured by Cooper Tires exclusively for discounttire.com. via

Are arizonian tires made in the USA?

Where are Arizonian tires made? Arizonians are manufactured on Cooper's American facilities. There's really no reason to make them anywhere abroad, because they are bought overwhelmingly by the Americans on discounttire.com (an American website). via

Are arizonian tires noisy?

With pitch sequencing, each Arizonian tire tread has design cycles or pitches. Circumferential lengths of replicated gradients are randomly modulated in a sequence to reduce the amount of noise on each tire. So you should expect a quiet and comfortable ride altogether. Whether you are on the highway or the open road. via

Where are Hankook tires manufactured?

The company has its headquarters in South Korea and has manufacturing facilities in South Korea, the People's Republic of China, Hungary, Indonesia, and the United States. It has technical centers in Daejon, Korea; Akron, Ohio; Hannover, Germany; Osaka, Japan; and China. via

Is Milestar tires any good?

Milestar tires are not only about durability. They are also good value for money. If you're on a relatively tight budget and you need new tires for your car, Milestar tires are a brilliant choice. Milestar tires are backed by a 40,000-mile warranty. via

Are Nitto and Toyo the same company?

Company Name: Nitto Japan Co., Ltd. 6. Ownership: Wholly-owned subsidiary of Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. via

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