Can you put a roof rack on an Impreza?

Bike Racks provide a means of carrying a bike on your Subaru Impreza 5drs roof, trunk, spare tire, pick-up bed, or hitch. Our bike racks are secure, affordable, and versatile, guaranteed to get you and your bikes to the head of the trail. 2016 Subaru Impreza 5dr, new Hitch installation and RockyMounts Mono Rail Solo. via

What do cross bars do?

Crossbars. Usually two bars that run across the width of the vehicle roof, which you then mount your activity-specific racks to; whether it's ski racks, bike racks, cargo boxes, kayak racks, etc. Crossbars support the weight of all the gear you're adding to the roof and transfer the weight to the towers/feet. via

How much weight can a stock roof rack hold?

Roof Racks: Capacity And Limitations

You might be surprised that most modern sedans, wagons, SUV and crossovers only have a roof capacity of 165 pounds. The lowest rated piece in your roof-rack system will be the max capacity of the system. via

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