Who makes the Z beast zero turn mower?

Now Home Depot is also selling machines called Z-Beast, made by a North Carolina company named GXi (sells under the DEK name), but only on-line. For the same money as the Ariens, the Z-Beast comes with a 62", 7 Gauge deck, and a 31HP Kawasaki motor. via

What is the number one commercial zero turn mower?

1. Best Commercial Zero-Turn Mower for Two Acres—Ariens Zero-Turn Mower. With its twin-engine, this powerful zero-turn lawnmower can easily cut 10 acres of lawn without skipping a beat. via

What are the top brands of zero turn mowers?

Top 5 Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers – Reviews

  • Husqvarna MZ61.
  • Craftsman Z550.
  • Cub Cadet Ultima ZT2.
  • Ariens APEX 60.
  • John Deere Z375R.
  • via

    How fast do commercial zero turn mowers go?

    Zero-turn mowers offer clean cuts at 5 miles per hour (mph) and can reach speeds of more than 10 mph. In comparison, lawn tractors mow at about 4 mph with a top speed of around 7 mph. via

    What zero-turn mowers do professionals use?

    eXmark commercial zero-turn mowers have long been a standard of excellence. Especially with their Laser Z series. Professionals favor these models for their cut quality and the reduced maintenance since eXmark deploys 40% fewer parts. via

    What size tractor do I need to mow 5 acres?

    If you live on a property that is 5 acres or smaller, in most cases, a sub-compact tractor like those found in the John Deere 1 Series should be sufficient for gardening and light landscaping work. This type of equipment is the smallest out of all the tractor sizes and is made to fit in a standard garage. via

    How many acres can you mow in an hour?

    Average Lawn Mowing Pace

    Mower Type Pace
    30 inch push mower .75 acres per hour
    38 inch lawn tractor 1-1.75 acres per hour
    42 inch lawn tractor 1-1.9 acres per hour
    42 inch zero turn 2.3-3.1 acres per hour


    How can I make my zero turn faster? (video)


    Is SCAG Patriot a commercial mower?

    SCAG's Patriot, much like the Cheetah, Freedom Z, and Turf Tiger, is a commercial mower more than worthy of the name. More specifically, it is a series of commercial-grade Z-turns. via

    Which zero turn mower has the most comfortable ride?

    Best for comfort: Craftsman Z5800 54-in Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

    The high-back seat gives you much-needed support, especially if you're cutting big areas. And the 24HP engine and 54-inch cutting deck give you enough power to chomp through up to three acres of grass. via

    What does Scag stand for?


    Acronym Definition
    SCAG Southern California Association of Government
    SCAG Selective Coronary Angiography (cardiology)
    SCAG Southampton City Art Gallery (UK)
    SCAG Scientific and Clinical Advances Group (London, UK)


    Who makes Scag engines?

    Scag Power Equipment, a division of Metalcraft of Mayville Inc., is one of the largest independent manufacturers of commercial lawn mowing equipment in the United States. via

    Are Exmark and Toro the same company?

    Exmark became a division of The Toro Company in 1997 with corporate headquarters in Bloomington, Minnesota. The added resources of The Toro Company help to assure Exmark's continued growth and market leadership. via

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